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This summer, get ready for one of the most anticipated events in the affiliate marketing industry - The Island conference in Limassol, Cyprus! I-Con is making its debut in the world of dating and Nova will be there to mingle, party and do some of that good old business. Make sure you visit us at our booth MA04 and say hi to the whole Nova team!

But first, to kick off the conference, Nova is hosting The Welcome Sunset Party on Wednesday 28th of June from 17.00 onwards! We're gonna set the right vibes for the following two days and trust us, you will want to be there. So, if you haven’t already, sign up through this link to get on the party list, or contact anyone from our team to help you out.

Alright! Now let’s get to the fun part! The famous conference-guide! Once again, we were lucky to find a local Cypriot from Limassol to help us create an extensive list of all the food, drink and party places that are an absolute must to visit while staying on this incredible island.



  • AGIOS TYCHON – resort area




TAPPER BAR Great place for great crafted beers and even greater cocktails. They offer a huge variety of delicious and unique drinks, served by friendly people. The good music just adds to the positive vibes of the place. It’s not too big, its not too fancy and the best way to describe it would be "it's where the locals hang out with their friends".

STO DROMO BAR Located in an alley, surrounded by traditional old Cypriot houses, this place is perfect to grab a beer on a chill night out. It’s a very relaxed and friendly environment and the live music just adds the cherry on top.

LIBRARY BAR Really cool, industrial looking place that serves amazing cocktails! Try to get a table in the garden which looks like a hidden Mediterranean oasis in the middle of the old city. The bartenders know what they’re doing so you won’t be disappointed. Also – live music. What more do you really need?

VOLTA WINE BAR From chill vibes to a little bit more sophisticated vibe - check out the Volta Wine Bar. It's no secret that Cyprus is famous for its great wineries and this is a perfect place to taste them. They also offer a big variety of wines from Greece and other international wines so you have more than enough to choose from. If you’re a rookie when it comes to wines, worry not. The owner is really friendly and keen to help create the best experience for you. They also offer a selective options of bites to pair with your wine.


NOAD BREAD & COFFEE The baristas at Nomad will make you a freshly brewed coffee, which you can pair with some of the delicious food they serve – pastries included. The vibe is very cozy and the staff is very friendly.

ULUWATU SPECIALITY COFFEE As soon as you enter this place, you’ll see that they take coffee very seriously. On top of that, they serve super tasty handmade ice creams (extra points already). Why not take the coffee or ice-cream to go and walk on the promenade along the beach between the palm trees or just simply stroll around the old city center of Limassol around the St. Andrews Street.

NEW YORK SWEETS and GELATO MIO OLD PORT Speaking of ice cream, nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day in Cyprus as a fresh and cold gelato. For a simple ice cream and a big choice of sweets, head to New York Sweets. And if you are keen to try something different, Gelato Mio Old Port offers a fusion of gelato and the traditional Cypriot flavours.

THE SHOPKEEPER & CO A concept store, located in the center of Limassol. A good brunch or coffee with cool music in the background. Doesn’t sound bad at all.


THE COOKHOUSE Healthy meets delicious at this brunch spot. With a huge variety of food to choose from, there’s one winner apparently – the pancakes. So make sure to save some space for the dessert when you head there. The downside is that you are not able to make a reservation so you might want to brace yourself for a 10 to 15 minutes wait time at the door. It's totally worth it though.

STOA URBAN KITCHEN The place has similar vibes to the Cookhouse – modern but hipster. The coffee is amazing and they have a bunch of brunch and lunch dishes to choose from. However, this place gets bonus points for its beautiful garden where you can have your day started in the best way possible.


DIONYSUS MANSION One thing about Cyprus is that you simply have to try their local dishes. Head straight to this place if you want to enjoy some delicious modern Cypriot and Greek Cuisine. Pro tip: Try to book a table outside and enjoy the delicious food in the beautiful backyard.

LIVING ROOM COOK & DRINK They serve all kinds of Mediterranean food but the best thing on the menu are their local Cypriot dishes. Its not a fancy place but still a perfect spot for a seriously bomb meal.

MEZE TAVERNA RESTAURANT Another amazing place that serves Cypriot and Greek food with super friendly service and overall great vibes. If you are feeling like trying different Cypriot goodies, then order a mixed meze deal and don’t forget to pair it with some Ouzo!


NOA BEACH BAR From local tavernas to beach restaurants. This one is located right at the beach so it's perfect to soak in some sun while enjoying the delicious sea food, paired with some tasty local wine.

COLUMBIA BEACH BAR Right next door from the NOA Beach restaurant but a tiny bit fancier, Columbia beach bar is one of the best spots to enjoy some sunbathing, swimming and drinking during the day.

GUABA BEACH BAR This place is very unique and fun – depending on how you feel, this can be a perfect spot to just chill on the beach bed at the beach front or go hard drinking to the sound of really great music.


SOUSAMI Underground place with hipster but chill vibes. They usually play groovy electronic music which can sometimes get a bit more experimental so it might be a good idea to check out the events before heading there. They also have a very nice backyard where you can chat with your friends on a hot summer night.

MASON BAR If you are into funky and groovy electronic music, go to Mason Bar. They have a really nice backyard where you can dance or simply have a drink, listening to different DJs playing throughout the night. Another tip: make sure to make a reservation and check the events on their social media beforehand.

METROPOLE RETRO CLUB This is a perfect after after party place. You know, when all the bars you’ve been to are starting to close and you’re looking for that final stretch of the night. They stay open till morning and the music is mainly from the 80s and 90s– perfect to sing your heart out with your friends.

BREEZE SUMMER CLUB This is probably one of the only proper clubs in Limassol. It's very fancy so they usually check the dress code at the entrance. Girls, you might want to put your heels on for this one. Music is mostly commercial and the place can get packed with people so a reservation might help you a bit.


KOURION ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE Limassol is an ancient city and there are still few of the remains standing from that historical period. You can see the mosaics and the amphitheatre and after you’re done, get in your car and drive 5 min to head straight to the Agios Ermogenis Beach for a nice wavy dive. If you like sunsets, this is also the perfect spot to catch it in all its beauty.

LIMASSOL MOLOS (seaside promenade) Get yourself some ice-cream and take a stroll down the seaside promenade.

TROODOS MOUNTAINS If you managed to get a rental car, then get out of the city and head to the mountains for a hike or a stop at a winery for wine tasting. Actually, why not do both? We would suggest the [TSIAKKAS WINERY].


  • Ευχαριστώ - Efxaristw (Eff-Kha-Ri-STO) – Thank you
  • Μεζέδες – Mezedes – Small different plates you get at Cypriot Greek restaurant instead of main dishes, Highly suggested.
  • Σουβλάκι – Souvlaki

Now you’re fully equipped for the best affiliate conference of the summer. Hope you are as excited as we are to head there and see partners and other great people from the industry. Don’t forget to book the right flight dates so that you don’t miss out our The Welcome Sunset Party on the 28th of June! It’s gonna be fu**ing amazing.